Aude Schaff

UX/UI Designer – Québec, CA

Je conçois et développe des interfaces digitales pour enrichir et faciliter l'expérience web. En tant que fondatrice de MONASTUDIO, je m'engage à rendre chaque site web et application SAAS plus interactif et accessible.

Actuellement disponible pour de nouvelles missions en tant que UX/UI Designer.

Sentez-vous libre de consulter mes projets et  me contacter.



2021 –

Explore the concepts of photography and create images that will stand the test of time

Little Sun

2021 –

Putting forward a belgian service of renovation of furniture and interior decoration

Rethinking UX

2021 –

Reflections on the User Experience for a digital and cultural art center


Coming soon –

User Experience & Web design for a real estate agency based in Spain


2021 –

The evolution of an iconic model of the automotive world, through a data set


2020 –

Analysis and exploration of the notions of Generative Art by Charlotte Dann at Beyond Tellerrand

Hello World

2020 –

First explorations in the web domain, in technique and inspiration

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